Honolulu Night Market


Much like the smaller Art & Flea shopping event, the Honolulu Night Market is a grand night of a shopping experience. It is the bigger brother of the Art & Flea.

The Honolulu Night Market is an evening pop up shop that has local only vendors. So you can shop around from the best of the “lessor known” businesses and entrepreneurs here in Hawaii. From start ups, arts and crafts, apparel, jewelry, creative and innovative, products, and more, it’s a great place to see experience Hawaii’s deeper modern culture. There are hidden gems that you can find here that you won’t come across in any mainstream shopping venues.

Tens of thousands of people attend HNL every month to enjoy the festivities. The event is usually held once a month in the Kakaako area in Honolulu, Hawaii. The vibe and energy really gets you in the shopping mood. Live entertainment from local performers and sometimes fashion shows are held featuring local clothing designers as well.

The Night Market is run by Street Grindz, the same people who brings us the Eat The Street events, so you know that there is food at the market too! Yes, local food vendors are invited and rotated from month to month to the Night Market for the best of grinds from food trucks to small business restaurants.

HNL is another great event to experience when here in Hawaii. Check it out if you’re here during an event and shop under the starry paradise night.

Art & Flea Hawaii Shopping Experience


If you want to experience a unique shopping experience here in Hawaii, the Art & Flea is one of them to check out.

At the Art & Flea, obviously is an art themed event, but it offers a subversive experience of Hawaii’s modern and contemporary art culture. The event hosts over 30 local-only vendors and entrepreneurs that offers anything and everything Hawaii made. From handcrafted jewelry, artwork, apparel, music, products, etc., every event has different offerings from different vendors every month.

You can satisfy your hunger by getting your grind on my local food vendors and food trucks. Or have a drink and shop under the night sky as they have a bar. They also have music and entertainment from local music artists to dance clubs for you to enjoy as well. It’s a nice way to see the local talent that Hawaii has to offer.


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Royal Hawaiian Center Review

Ever since Royal Hawaiian Center was established, it already offered top of the line guest services that are only known within Helumoa area. The center offers around 310,000 sq. ft. of delight only for local and foreign shoppers in Hawaii. There are over 100 restaurants and shops located in the area, which makes it the largest shopping mall in the Island. When you are up for a day of shopping, this center is something that should not be missed in your list. From top designer items to local apparel, from expensive jewelry to Hawaiian treasures, you are guaranteed to find these items in the mall.

Many love the shopping center mainly because of its validated parking for your first hour of parking and additional $1 to $2 for each following hour. Aside from this, many love how the center is located conveniently near big establishments and attractions within Waikiki. Many are interested with the fact that they can actually take a visit in the different establishments in the area and get the chance of browsing from some of the latest lines from designer names and even get to see some of the limited edition items that each popular brand store has to offer.

Another reason why many tourists tend to go to this shopping center is the fact that the entire place has impressive and well-maintained surroundings that make the tropical paradise more appreciated.  If you are one of those tourists who tend to walk a lot, going to Royal Hawaiian Center coming from hotels and other establishment will only take a short time. From a distance, you can already see various shops and get to know what shops you want to visit as you slowly reach the place as you take a brisk walk. Also, most tourists love the maze of walkways that the center has to offer. This allows them to walk through different shops and be able to check other shops even at a distance.

The last time I went there though they had a plumber service servicing something so the smell was very unpleasant.

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Ala Moana Shopping Center Review

Individuals who are looking for great business opportunities or simply wanted to enjoy an ultimate shopping spree can visit Ala Moana Shopping Center. This is one of the premier shopping destinations in Hawaii guaranteed to meet the diverse needs and wants of individuals from different walks of life. It would definitely be a great and self-satisfying experience to shop from Ala Moana Shopping Center which is one of the largest shopping centers in Hawaii.

Families and business individuals can come to this shopping center and they will surely never get bored with lots of wonderful things and amazing opportunities for business found here. There are about 30 shops in this amazing outdoor mall. It actually takes two long days to explore the mall so better come and visit during your vacation or holiday breaks. There are also five stores which anchor this shopping center down namely Nordstorm, Shirokiya, Macy’s Bloomingdale’s and Neiman Marcus.

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