Honolulu Night Market


Much like the smaller Art & Flea shopping event, the Honolulu Night Market is a grand night of a shopping experience. It is the bigger brother of the Art & Flea.

The Honolulu Night Market is an evening pop up shop that has local only vendors. So you can shop around from the best of the “lessor known” businesses and entrepreneurs here in Hawaii. From start ups, arts and crafts, apparel, jewelry, creative and innovative, products, and more, it’s a great place to see experience Hawaii’s deeper modern culture. There are hidden gems that you can find here that you won’t come across in any mainstream shopping venues.

Tens of thousands of people attend HNL every month to enjoy the festivities. The event is usually held once a month in the Kakaako area in Honolulu, Hawaii. The vibe and energy really gets you in the shopping mood. Live entertainment from local performers and sometimes fashion shows are held featuring local clothing designers as well.

The Night Market is run by Street Grindz, the same people who brings us the Eat The Street events, so you know that there is food at the market too! Yes, local food vendors are invited and rotated from month to month to the Night Market for the best of grinds from food trucks to small business restaurants.

HNL is another great event to experience when here in Hawaii. Check it out if you’re here during an event and shop under the starry paradise night.

Eat The Street Hawaii

Being that Hawaii is a melting pot of cultures and ethnicities, Hawaii has developed its own unique cuisine that can be an adventure on its own.

It is said that to really discover any culture’s cuisine, you have to experience their “street food”.

Sure you can get a sense of Hawaii’s contemporary cuisine through the typical large and small restaurants and hotels, but to really delve into the heart and soul of Hawaii’s contemporary food and culture you need to experience the “street grindz”. And you can do that at Hawaii’s premier food events called Eat The Street. Read More

Art & Flea Hawaii Shopping Experience


If you want to experience a unique shopping experience here in Hawaii, the Art & Flea is one of them to check out.

At the Art & Flea, obviously is an art themed event, but it offers a subversive experience of Hawaii’s modern and contemporary art culture. The event hosts over 30 local-only vendors and entrepreneurs that offers anything and everything Hawaii made. From handcrafted jewelry, artwork, apparel, music, products, etc., every event has different offerings from different vendors every month.

You can satisfy your hunger by getting your grind on my local food vendors and food trucks. Or have a drink and shop under the night sky as they have a bar. They also have music and entertainment from local music artists to dance clubs for you to enjoy as well. It’s a nice way to see the local talent that Hawaii has to offer.


The Art & Flea is Read More

Diamond Head State Monument Review


If you are planning for some adventure, why not visit Diamond Head State Monument in Hawaii? Doing so will not just allow you to see excellent panoramic views but will also allow you to indulge in an extraordinary travel escapade.

The beautiful and iconic profile of the Diamond Head State Monument runs along Honolulu’s skyline. People from all around the world recognize the famous image of Diamond Head. It’s synonymous with paradise. When people think of paradise, Diamond Head comes to mind. You see it in post cards, paintings, and advertising brochures, etc., because it’s so distinctive to Honolulu and Hawaii as a whole.

“If you can see Diamond Head, call us!” – Famous advertising quote by Hawaii Window Cleaners.

It takes very short drive for you to get into the Diamond Head Crater from the Waikiki. This is a temperately challenging trail that includes two given sets of stairs which total to 175 steps. This also includes darker underground tunnels so you might need flashlights when you go there. It might be challenging to go here in some way but as soon as you witness the Diamond Head State Monument’s stunning views, you will realize that going there is worth all the effort.

Diamond Head State Monument is indeed one of the best Hawaiian travel destinations that you should not miss. If you want an amazing travel story to tell, then visiting this incredible attraction in Hawaii is the thing to do. Bring your camera!

Diamond Head State Monument Review

Lanikai Beach Review

Vacationing in Hawaii should be nothing but sweet memories, a cool breeze, and palm trees. It shouldn’t have to break the bank. There are wonderful things to do that is inexpensive to experience here in Hawaii like going up to Mount Tantalus for a Hawaii sight seeing spectacular, or going to the beach!

Let’s take a trip to a beach on the east side of Oahu. It’s beauty will surely take your breath away and make you want to stay until the sun goes down. And even then you may want to make a campfire and roast marshmallows and tell stories until the sun peaks over the mountains.

Lanikai Beach is a Read More

Oahu Sight Seeing Spots: Mount Tantalus

If you are planning to visit Honolulu Hawaii, then Mount Tantalus is a nice place to visit. If you feel like getting a nice view of Oahu, this is a nice place to visit and explore. The place offers breathtaking sites that will make you feel at peace and release the stress you have in your body. Unlike the fast paced life in the city, you will surely feel lucky experiencing a slow paced life that is sure to give a relaxing change with your life even for a short while.

Visiting Mount Tantalus, you will get some nice views of some of the best places like Honolulu, Kaimuki, Kahala, Diamond Head, and other sights in between. You can also choose to get to the place before the sun risings or sets to get a more breathtaking view that you’ll surely appreciate. Though it also gets crowded before the sun sets in the place, you can always choose to stay there and take pictures before it gets completely dark and enjoy the sceneries before the gate closes.

However, a helpful tip that you must keep in mind is keeping track of time. The guards are usually closing the gates at 6:45 pm and are not giving any warning. This is a tip from a person who have already visited the place. Guards will lock you in without warning so you better check your time. Also, an important tip is not leaving any valuables in your car even if you are going to stay in Mount Tantalus.

So maybe after checking out Diamond Head State Monument maybe a trip up to Mount Tantalus to catch the sun set!

Maita’i Catamaran Review

Maita’i Catamaran Honolulu, Hawaii

If another water activity with your kids is what you want to do as you stay in Honolulu, then Maita’i Catamaran is the best option for you. It is a recommended activity that you can enjoy with your kids or just with your partner. For those who are going solo, with their partners, or with a group of friends, they can get to enjoy the experience more with special Mai Tai drinks available for $3 only.

Catamaran rides were done way back in 1975 in the Waikiki beach area. Every year, many people visit the place to experience the rides and have fun with doing these sails. You will not have to think about how safety and entertainment are assured as there are wonderful crew coming in the sails for you to get the best ride ever.

The Maita’i Catamaran services has its front boarding ladder made to get on board easier. Once you get on the catamaran, you can now get your Mai Tai and just listen to all the island rhythms right from the sound system playing recorded CD. Worrying about where you get to pee after drinking glasses of Mai Tai is not a problem as a bathroom facility is available on board. Feeling comfortable, safe and entertained while on board is never a problem as each catamaran is equipped with outstanding crew who will keep you entertained personally and technically. With all of these things in mind, you can treat your catamaran as if you own it. Read More

Dolphins And You Review

Honolulu, Hawaii Swim With Dolphins

Dolphins And You is another experience that you should not miss doing especially when you are trying to have more time for yourself. The dolphin tour escapade that tourists can experience from the place is sure to give everyone a rare experience of meeting dolphins in the closest way possible.

When you choose to visit and spend time in Dolphins and You, you’ll surely enjoy a fun packed dolphin tour. You will not have to worry about feeling aloof during the entire tour as the tour staff will assist you and will make you feel comfortable as they share their passion for the life in the sea. Appreciating the culture in Honolulu is never impossible and difficult as the staff will keep on entertaining you using their ukulele combined with some hula dancing. They are trained to keep you entertained and at the same time make you feel safe throughout the tour.

Before everyone leaves the dock, everyone will be required to participate with the E’Hoi Mair ceremony. The song is performed with the hopes of letting all things return in its original place and also gaining knowledge from heaven. It is sung prior to leaving the dock and an offering of flowers is also done hoping for a safe tour and also meeting the dolphins at sea.

As you start the journey Read More

Hanauma Bay Snorkel Adventures Review

Everyone who loves water activities would surely look forward to visiting Honolulu for Hanauma Bay Snorkel Adventures. Just make sure that you have brought some feet protection and prepare your lungs to enjoy snorkeling at its finest. If you like touching coral reefs in the closest possible distance, taking a snorkeling adventure is sure to be the best experience you would not want to forget. Many have been recommending the place as well as its unique adventure and how people can actually feel as if you are nearer with the ocean.

Those who will take time to visit the place will surely appreciate the life underwater. Before you get to experience the basic snorkeling adventure, you must prepare yourself Read More

Royal Hawaiian Center Review

Ever since Royal Hawaiian Center was established, it already offered top of the line guest services that are only known within Helumoa area. The center offers around 310,000 sq. ft. of delight only for local and foreign shoppers in Hawaii. There are over 100 restaurants and shops located in the area, which makes it the largest shopping mall in the Island. When you are up for a day of shopping, this center is something that should not be missed in your list. From top designer items to local apparel, from expensive jewelry to Hawaiian treasures, you are guaranteed to find these items in the mall.

Many love the shopping center mainly because of its validated parking for your first hour of parking and additional $1 to $2 for each following hour. Aside from this, many love how the center is located conveniently near big establishments and attractions within Waikiki. Many are interested with the fact that they can actually take a visit in the different establishments in the area and get the chance of browsing from some of the latest lines from designer names and even get to see some of the limited edition items that each popular brand store has to offer.

Another reason why many tourists tend to go to this shopping center is the fact that the entire place has impressive and well-maintained surroundings that make the tropical paradise more appreciated.  If you are one of those tourists who tend to walk a lot, going to Royal Hawaiian Center coming from hotels and other establishment will only take a short time. From a distance, you can already see various shops and get to know what shops you want to visit as you slowly reach the place as you take a brisk walk. Also, most tourists love the maze of walkways that the center has to offer. This allows them to walk through different shops and be able to check other shops even at a distance.

The last time I went there though they had a plumber service servicing something so the smell was very unpleasant.

Though there are locals and even tourists who Read More