About Furry Throttle

What isĀ Furry Throttle?

This website is named after my first Hawaii tourist experience. I came to Honolulu, Hawaii in 2004 with several of my friends. We rented a few mopeds that had furry throttles (the acceleration handle). We had a blast with those. Hence the name “Furry Throttles”.

I loved it so much in Hawaii that I decided to move here in 2008. I’ve been here ever since, but I still feel like a tourist because there is so much to discover here! There’s not only the beautiful landscapes and attractions to discover, but also the unique Hawaii culture that they have here.

I decided to create this “tourist” review blog to share with the world my findings here in Hawaii. So, if you’re heading here to Hawaii, come and visit this blog from time to time to preview paradise’s coming attractions.

Furry Throttle