Honolulu Night Market


Much like the smaller Art & Flea shopping event, the Honolulu Night Market is a grand night of a shopping experience. It is the bigger brother of the Art & Flea.

The Honolulu Night Market is an evening pop up shop that has local only vendors. So you can shop around from the best of the “lessor known” businesses and entrepreneurs here in Hawaii. From start ups, arts and crafts, apparel, jewelry, creative and innovative, products, and more, it’s a great place to see experience Hawaii’s deeper modern culture. There are hidden gems that you can find here that you won’t come across in any mainstream shopping venues.

Tens of thousands of people attend HNL every month to enjoy the festivities. The event is usually held once a month in the Kakaako area in Honolulu, Hawaii. The vibe and energy really gets you in the shopping mood. Live entertainment from local performers and sometimes fashion shows are held featuring local clothing designers as well.

The Night Market is run by Street Grindz, the same people who brings us the Eat The Street events, so you know that there is food at the market too! Yes, local food vendors are invited and rotated from month to month to the Night Market for the best of grinds from food trucks to small business restaurants.

HNL is another great event to experience when here in Hawaii. Check it out if you’re here during an event and shop under the starry paradise night.

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