Eat The Street Hawaii

Being that Hawaii is a melting pot of cultures and ethnicities, Hawaii has developed its own unique cuisine that can be an adventure on its own.

It is said that to really discover any culture’s cuisine, you have to experience their “street food”.

Sure you can get a sense of Hawaii’s contemporary cuisine through the typical large and small restaurants and hotels, but to really delve into the heart and soul of Hawaii’s contemporary food and culture you need to experience the “street grindz”. And you can do that at Hawaii’s premier food events calledĀ Eat The Street.

The official Eat The Street is usually held on the last Friday of Every month from 5 to 10 pm at 1011 Ala Moana Boulevard. They also pop upĀ in various locations across Hawaii. They feature nothing but small business and local mobile food truck vendors from all around Hawaii. Each event attracts over 40 food vendors and over 7,000 hungry people eager to eat and sample the best of what Hawaii’s street food culture has to offer.

The vibe is fun and exciting. To keep things fresh and innovative, every event hosts a different theme so that vendors are kept on their toes and keeps the creativity flowing. Some of our contemporary food staples are being born and evolved from these events.

If your here in Hawaii be sure to check out one of the Eat The Street events to explore real contemporary Hawaii cuisine!

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