Diamond Head State Monument Review


If you are planning for some adventure, why not visit Diamond Head State Monument in Hawaii? Doing so will not just allow you to see excellent panoramic views but will also allow you to indulge in an extraordinary travel escapade.

The beautiful and iconic profile of the Diamond Head State Monument runs along Honolulu’s skyline. People from all around the world recognize the famous image of Diamond Head. It’s synonymous with paradise. When people think of paradise, Diamond Head comes to mind. You see it in post cards, paintings, and advertising brochures, etc., because it’s so distinctive to Honolulu and Hawaii as a whole.

“If you can see Diamond Head, call us!” – Famous advertising quote by Hawaii Window Cleaners.

It takes very short drive for you to get into the Diamond Head Crater from the Waikiki. This is a temperately challenging trail that includes two given sets of stairs which total to 175 steps. This also includes darker underground tunnels so you might need flashlights when you go there. It might be challenging to go here in some way but as soon as you witness the Diamond Head State Monument’s stunning views, you will realize that going there is worth all the effort.

Diamond Head State Monument is indeed one of the best Hawaiian travel destinations that you should not miss. If you want an amazing travel story to tell, then visiting this incredible attraction in Hawaii is the thing to do. Bring your camera!

Diamond Head State Monument Review

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