Maita’i Catamaran Review

Maita’i Catamaran Honolulu, Hawaii

If another water activity with your kids is what you want to do as you stay in Honolulu, then Maita’i Catamaran is the best option for you. It is a recommended activity that you can enjoy with your kids or just with your partner. For those who are going solo, with their partners, or with a group of friends, they can get to enjoy the experience more with special Mai Tai drinks available for $3 only.

Catamaran rides were done way back in 1975 in the Waikiki beach area. Every year, many people visit the place to experience the rides and have fun with doing these sails. You will not have to think about how safety and entertainment are assured as there are wonderful crew coming in the sails for you to get the best ride ever.

The Maita’i Catamaran services has its front boarding ladder made to get on board easier. Once you get on the catamaran, you can now get your Mai Tai and just listen to all the island rhythms right from the sound system playing recorded CD. Worrying about where you get to pee after drinking glasses of Mai Tai is not a problem as a bathroom facility is available on board. Feeling comfortable, safe and entertained while on board is never a problem as each catamaran is equipped with outstanding crew who will keep you entertained personally and technically. With all of these things in mind, you can treat your catamaran as if you own it.

The wind sailing is offered regularly at 11 in the morning, 1pm and the last at 3pm. You will surely feel how fun it is to stay on the water as you feel the waves rushing about and the fresh wind. This experience will last for 90 minutes, which is enough to give you ample time to appreciate the experience and feel the cool breeze and waters of Hawaii. Aside from Mai Tai, there are also other drinks available on the bar and you can purchase while on board.

There is an also this sunset that starts from 5pm, which is considered as a great way of ending your day of fun in Waikiki Beach. You can get the chance of sailing out through the beach’s surf line and leave all the crowd and hustles behind. As you take the sail, sitting back and just relaxing are the last things you want to do as you appreciate the true view of Hawaiian sunset.

To get more information about other sailing activities you can do with the Maita’i Catamaran, don’t hesitate getting more details for various activities. There are friendly crew who can help you with setting up your schedule and make sure that you can actually get the experience you want whenever you want. Count this activity as one of the exciting water activities that you should not miss especially when you are planning to make the most out of your Waikiki beach vacation. Whether you plan on spending the vacation with your friends or with your entire family, it is highly recommended that you try this activity with them.

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