Dolphins And You Review

Honolulu, Hawaii Swim With Dolphins

Dolphins And You is another experience that you should not miss doing especially when you are trying to have more time for yourself. The dolphin tour escapade that tourists can experience from the place is sure to give everyone a rare experience of meeting dolphins in the closest way possible.

When you choose to visit and spend time in Dolphins and You, you’ll surely enjoy a fun packed dolphin tour. You will not have to worry about feeling aloof during the entire tour as the tour staff will assist you and will make you feel comfortable as they share their passion for the life in the sea. Appreciating the culture in Honolulu is never impossible and difficult as the staff will keep on entertaining you using their ukulele combined with some hula dancing. They are trained to keep you entertained and at the same time make you feel safe throughout the tour.

Before everyone leaves the dock, everyone will be required to participate with the E’Hoi Mair ceremony. The song is performed with the hopes of letting all things return in its original place and also gaining knowledge from heaven. It is sung prior to leaving the dock and an offering of flowers is also done hoping for a safe tour and also meeting the dolphins at sea.

As you start the journey, you’ll get to experience a closer encounter with the dolphins. In this region, you’ll get to meet Spinner Dolphins and are sure to bring excitement to kids as these are the dolphins that jump out on the surface and perform spins in the air. Everyone will surely love to watch these cute dolphins in awe as they do several spins and try to keep up with the speed that the boat is having.

The staff will allow you to get closer to these dolphins, but they will strictly remind you that you must do it slowly. However, they will require you not to touch them. When trying to swim closer with the dolphins, make sure that you will follow your tour guides closely to prevent the dolphins from going away.

After the fun dolphin tour, you will then move on to another location where you can see various tropical fishes as well as sea turtles. As you enjoy the sight, you will also get the chance of letting these colorful fishes greet you. Don’t worry if ever you and your kids will try enjoying some time with the fishes as the staff coming with the tour will be more than willing to take your pictures and be reminded of this rare event.

As you choose to have this Dolphins and You activity included in your plans in Honolulu, expect that you can get a closer look at some of the friendliest and rare sea creatures in Hawaii. You don’t have to worry about missing the first tour as it is usually scheduled twice each day. Regardless of what day you feel like going to Dolphins and You, expect that you can catch a tour and spend time with lots of sea creatures.

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