Hanauma Bay Snorkel Adventures Review

Everyone who loves water activities would surely look forward to visiting Honolulu for Hanauma Bay Snorkel Adventures. Just make sure that you have brought some feet protection and prepare your lungs to enjoy snorkeling at its finest. If you like touching coral reefs in the closest possible distance, taking a snorkeling adventure is sure to be the best experience you would not want to forget. Many have been recommending the place as well as its unique adventure and how people can actually feel as if you are nearer with the ocean.

Those who will take time to visit the place will surely appreciate the life underwater. Before you get to experience the basic snorkeling adventure, you must prepare yourself Read More

Royal Hawaiian Center Review

Ever since Royal Hawaiian Center was established, it already offered top of the line guest services that are only known within Helumoa area. The center offers around 310,000 sq. ft. of delight only for local and foreign shoppers in Hawaii. There are over 100 restaurants and shops located in the area, which makes it the largest shopping mall in the Island. When you are up for a day of shopping, this center is something that should not be missed in your list. From top designer items to local apparel, from expensive jewelry to Hawaiian treasures, you are guaranteed to find these items in the mall.

Many love the shopping center mainly because of its validated parking for your first hour of parking and additional $1 to $2 for each following hour. Aside from this, many love how the center is located conveniently near big establishments and attractions within Waikiki. Many are interested with the fact that they can actually take a visit in the different establishments in the area and get the chance of browsing from some of the latest lines from designer names and even get to see some of the limited edition items that each popular brand store has to offer.

Another reason why many tourists tend to go to this shopping center is the fact that the entire place has impressive and well-maintained surroundings that make the tropical paradise more appreciated.  If you are one of those tourists who tend to walk a lot, going to Royal Hawaiian Center coming from hotels and other establishment will only take a short time. From a distance, you can already see various shops and get to know what shops you want to visit as you slowly reach the place as you take a brisk walk. Also, most tourists love the maze of walkways that the center has to offer. This allows them to walk through different shops and be able to check other shops even at a distance.

The last time I went there though they had a plumber service servicing something so the smell was very unpleasant.

Though there are locals and even tourists who Read More

Waikiki Beach Walk Review

Waikiki Beach Walk is the best place when it comes to late night strolling if you like seeing various shops and just checking out different shops offering new items. Just like other tourists who have visited the place, they loved long strolling nights and just enjoy the well-lit environment filled with people which makes the place even livelier.

It is given that there are many people who like watching others hustling and bustling around a certain place. If you are one of these people, then you should not miss visiting Waikiki Beach Walk. Shops are usually closing at 11 pm, which gives random people spend more time outside and even meet people from all walks in life.

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